BPG: Amazing Realization drawing progress THREE. Watch the ongoing progress of this drawing in HD in full screen. Subscribe to my youtube channel http://youtube.com/jeffjag for my latest videos.  Check out http://arblog.jeffjag.com for daily updates on my other projects and the progress of this drawing.

BPG: Amazing Realization drawing progress TWO. This video features the first song I wrote for a youtube video - Next Move. It’s HD video and you should watch it full-screen while you zone out to the music.

More progress to show for the Amazing Realization project. For more, check out my other blog http://artblog.jeffjag.com - which has daily updates of the drawing and a lot more. I’ll come back to Black Paint Gallery at some point, in some way. For now, here’s a weird video.

Taking a short hiatus from updating Black Paint Gallery to work on my Kickstarter project. Only so much time. Don’t fret. I’m still updating http://artblog.jeffjag.com (my other tumblr) with regular daily updates of the progress of this drawing. 

(Source: kickstarter.com)

Black Paint Gallery - Generative sculptures by Tom Beddard via butdoesitfloat.com

Black Paint Gallery - Sprawling Conglomerates, a dense illustration by John Borowicz

Black Paint Gallery - natural contrast. some rocks and minerals, I suppose. ffffound.com

Black Paint Gallery - Flowers. from reform.it

Black Paint Gallery - Black Forms. 

Black Paint Gallery - more from butdoesitfloat.com Harry Clarke’s illustrations of fairy tales